Welcome to the Stoa Spring Member Vote 2024

Stoa is founded on the belief that members make the major decisions for the organization.

  • Stoa members elect their leaders.
  • Stoa members approve changes to the organizational Bylaws.
  • Stoa members decide NITOC events.
  • Stoa members choose the debate resolutions.

Thank you for taking the time to determine the future direction of Stoa Speech and Debate.

Votes are cast by family - each family votes one time.

Please be an informed voter by reading through each tab on the left side of the screen.

Please read through each of the voting issues and then VOTE, April 15th at 8am CDT You vote by clicking on the "Spring Member Vote" link in the light green header above. Thank you for your careful and prayerful consideration of each of the votes placed before you.

You will be voting on:

  • Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Resolutions
  • Team Policy Debate Resolutions
  • Stoa Board Members
  • Wildcard Speech Events

Click "Spring Member Vote" in the light green header above to vote.

Only votes from members with a paid membership will be counted.

  • If you have not completed payment for your membership, you may do so now at Stoa Registration.

When you registered with Stoa you received an email with the subject line "Stoa Registration Complete 2023-2024" with your registration information. That email contains your unique affiliate number. The Spring Member Vote 2024 site checks your registration against the Stoa 2023-2024 registration site for an exact match of your affiliate number. You will not be able to vote without that number. You can log back in to your account to make a note of that affiliate number. or if you have not yet registered with Stoa, you may do so now by clicking on this link: Stoa Registration

Voting closes on April 30th at midnight CDT.